Saturday, 6 October 2012

Baby boy pants (I mean, trousers!)

I need to stop reading so many American crafty blogs!

Well, I'm back to share with you what I made from the scraps of the blue polka dot fabric on T.'s quilt - a pairt of trousers! My first pair indeed!(And yes, poor T. will not thank me in later years for dressing him in stripes WITH polka dots! Someone needs to catch up on the laundry!!) 

Being the strange person that I am who doesn't enjoy following formal instructions, I ad libbed the trousers by cutting out a pattern based on a pair of T's current 18 month trousers.This worked surprisingly well and the fit is good, although the length is a little long as I overdid the seam allowance when stitching the leg length.

My next trouser project will involve adding lining, but first of all,  I just wanted to see that I could create a pair. I am loathe to spend 11 Euros on a pair of baby trousers now that I know I can knock-up a pair in about an hour from scrappy material myself.

Poor T. has been poorly with  tonsilitis and hand, foot and mouth this week but my little trooper was still a (semi) willing model for Mummy.

And despite being poorly, my little ray of sunshine still wanted to play peek-a-boo:


  1. this is what happens with blogs! Pintrest diy crafts are my downfall! x

  2. Toby is just adorable! Poor little man... I hope he's feeling better :)

    I made a pair of harem pants for Sunny not that long ago. I made one following a pattern and I didn't like them so I had me niece draw up another pattern based on something that I already have and love the pants! Good on you for trying your own pair!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I think the polka dots are adorable even if Toby will have issues with them when he turns 18! That's a long way away :)

  3. I can't believe you are venturing into clothing now, and trousers at that!! They look fab and I love the polka dots!! xxx