Sunday, 30 September 2012

A wintery toddler quilt!

I find it pretty  hard to buy the things I need in Germany! Especially clothes and textiles; they are either suitable but massively over-priced or dull and boring in style and colour  It's starting to get chillier here now and in lieu of finding a suitable winter quilt for T.'s cot in the shops, I decided to make one.

I used up some of the fabric I had left over from the farm animal quilt together with some Robert Kaufmann scraps. The blue patches are Robert Kaufmann and at metre price, cost about 18 Euros. I bought them very cheaply from my local fabric store though. Although I like the patterns and colours, I have to admit that the cotton doesn't feel any softer or hard-wearing than the farm yard scraps, which were very cheap to buy. 

What do you think of my square layout? My brother-in-law (who is very logically-minded) nearly blows a fuse at my hap-hazard approach to square piecing. I reject everything symmetrical and just piece as I please - choosing the layout that looks pleasing to me. Do you like this approach, or do you prefer a symmetrical, repetitive pattern?

I chose to machine sew this quilt for speed and then the lack of a personal touch got the better of me, so I decided to add T.'s name onto the squares.

For backing, I chose a dark blue polka dot fabric to create a nice contrast. I wasn't sure about this fabric, but T. has been busy snuggling the quilt all week, so he must be pleased. My wadding is 200g polyester, which was very difficult to work through the sewing machine. In the end, I had to hand-quilt it together. Can you recommend a good sewing machine foot for this wadding thickness?

The whole quilt measures 160cm x 120cm, so I'm hoping that it will last T. for a few winters, or at least get used as a picnic mat in the summer.

So, do you like my messy approach to the square layout? Guess what I made from the left over polka dot fabric? (That post is to follow soon........)


  1. It's gorgeous!!! And I love that you've put his name on it! I really like randomly laid-out squares. I usually need everything to be in order and logical, but am trying hard to lay quilt squares in a haphazad way. Stil working on it.....
    Looking forward to seeing what you're up to with the left-over spotty fabric. Spotties are my favourites!!!

  2. Thanks Carly! I buy a lot of my material from Stoffe Zander in Moers, there's one in Duisburg too and they have a great selection of spotty fabrics. xx